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Webinar Training Offers

Building Technological Skills and Knowledge in the Workplace (for all employees)

ODLAN offers a variety of educational webinars. Currently, we are offering webinars for 60-90 minutes on the following topics. These educational webinars assist organizations who are interested in increasing their awareness of the challenges 2SLGBTQIA+ communities face with the digital divide. Additionally, some webinars focus on skill building and resource sharing. Webinars can be booked individually or can be included in our advanced consulting package. All our sessions are accompanied by supplementary educational materials.

Digital Inclusion 101

The digital divide is defined as those who have access and can benefit from the internet, and those who cannot (Mossberger et al, 2007). Digital inclusion is essential for ensuring equity-deserving groups can fully participate in the online world. This webinar provides an overview of the digital divide barriers 2SLGBTQIA+ communities face and explains the significance of fostering digitally inclusive communities.

Staying Safe Online: Internal Practices

2SLGBTQIA+ organizations have faced increased threats to their online and offline safety. As a result, it is essential that we equip communities with the resources, tools, and knowledge to address and prevent online harms. This webinar provides recommendations on how your organization can begin to develop a digital safety plan.

Digital Accessibility in the Workplace

The Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act requires private and public institutions to uphold accessibility standards. This webinar will provide your team with a brief overview on how you can develop and implement strategies for creating accessible online spaces. We will also provide you with external resources that will support your organization with integrating accessibility standards into your digital platforms.

Training Packages

Package 1: Basic Training Package
Starting at $1500.00 (+HST)

The basic training package provides one 60-minute – 90-minute webinar session (these can be selected from our list of training offerings above). This package includes preparation time, webinar delivery, and post-webinar debrief. See above for webinar options.

Package 2: Comprehensive Training Package
Starting at $4500.00 (+HST)

The comprehensive Training Package includes either a half-day (3-hour) or a full-day (6-hour) workshop. These workshops are designed to support your team with increasing our knowledge and developing concrete strategies to improve your team’s capacity to integrate new technologies into your workplace practices. We customize each workshop for our clients and collaborate with them on the workshop content before delivering our sessions. This package includes preparation time, workshop delivery, and post-workshop debrief.

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