Our Team

The Ontario Digital Literacy and Access Network is a community-based pilot initiative founded by 2SLGBTQIA+ graduate students, community members, and allies who are concerned with the digital divide in our communities. We are passionate about connecting organizations and individuals with resources and services that will minimizing digital inequalities in 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.

Our Team Members

Stephanie Jonsson​

Stephanie Jonsson

Executive Director


Hannah Maitland​

Hannah Maitland

Administrative Coordinator


Angela Stanley​

Angela Stanley

Accessibility Coordinator


Viktor Zhuang​

Viktor Zhuang

Digital Guide


Isabella Fiore​

Isabella Fiore

Accessibility Coordinator


Aidan Smith​

Aidan Smith

IT specialist


Helen Martin

Helen Martin

Media Officer


Hanna Jalal​

Hanna Jalal

Co-Volunteer Coordinator


Christopher Dietzel​

Christopher Dietzel

Community Research Advisor


Evan Vipond​

Evan Vipond

Research officer


Our Board Members

Christopher Bennett​

Christopher Bennett

Board Secretary

Stephen Low​

Stephen Low


Jennifer Silk​

Jennifer Silk